Vancouver is a city that will give most Americans deja-vu because it is not that different from the states…it’s a great city filled with different lifestyles, personalities, food, and picture-perfect landscapes. It’s Canada, just cooler and calmer than America.

Matt Lauman

Our neighbors from the North don’t get enough credit for how beautiful their country is. Vancouver specifically is a gorgeous winter oasis full of beautiful landscapes, fun entertainment, and underrated cuisine. Forget about New York City on New Years Eve, British Columbia will definitely surprise you.

During my stay, I was able to got to the Grouse Mountain. It’s a premier snow summit that offers skiing and snowboarding among other things. I elected to snowboard and it was really fun riding on one of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games venues. Another place I visited was the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was daunting at first, but the views are well worth the cross.


For me, Vancouver would not have been complete without going to see a hockey game. Ironically, I was able to score tickets to see my Los Angeles Kings play the Canucks. Unfortunately, LA lost and the reception was as expected from Canucks fans. As a sports fan, I respect Canadians. They live, breathe, and die for their hockey.

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