San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality.

Paul Kantner

Some consider San Francisco to be the West Coast version of New York City. Both are melting pots of great culture, sit on a peninsula, cosmopolitan, and liberal. But when I visited San Francisco, I saw a city with its own identity. A city that was built by the gold, hippie, green, and tech revolutions that even the great City of New York cannot proclaim. That alone makes San Francisco unique, special, outlandish, and slightly better than New York.

San Francisco’s geography and weather strike out immediately when you enter The Bay. You either embrace the endless hills coupled with the fierce wind or you don’t. Regardless, San Francisco offers travelers with a unique experience found in no other city in America. With cable cars, subways, electric scooters, bikes, and rideshare, transporting across town is not an issue; however, it can take some time. That being said, San Francisco is flawed with bad traffic, stinky smells, and an abundance of homeless encampments. They aren't deal breakers, but there is no way around these issues.

On another note, San Francisco truly has some amazing neighborhoods where culture and tradition resonate among tourists and locals. From the first Chinatown in the US, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, to The Mission, you won't get bored with the art, cusine, and entertainment featured in these fine neighborhoohs. If you’re pressed for time, I recommend eating lunch at R&G Lounge for some old school Chinese food and at night visiting Benjamin Cooper for some great cocktails located in Union Square. Click Links for Yelp info.

Overall, San Francisco is a great city, possibly one of the best cities in the US. The city is old, bold, and cold. It is modern because of its history, culture, freedom, and outspoken nature. If there were three places that embodied the City of San Francisco, it would be Lombard Street, The Mission’s Murals, and of course the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. If you are a travel enthusiast or just looking for a great weekend adventure, San Francisco is the perfect destination.