I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself.

James Baldwin

As a recent graduate, I needed an escape from the forthcoming challenges of post-college life. I needed an experience that would keep me content for several years. I needed an international trip rather than a weekend getaway. What better way to accomplish all of those needs by taking a two week tour back to Europe? Here is that experience.


Our neighbors from the North don’t get enough credit for how beautiful their country is. Vancouver specifically is a gorgeous winter oasis full of beautiful landscapes, fun entertainment, and underrated cuisine. Forget about New York City on New Years Eve, British Columbia will definitely surprise you.


Crossing the Atlantic was ironically where I fell in love with photography. Capturing the beautiful monuments, the culture, and the people made me yearn at any chance of going back. In Paris, Rome, and Florence, I was able to get a small sample of the life in Europe. Visually, it is breathtaking.