I only had 36 hours in Munich, but my time in deutschland was well spent. I got to experience Day 1 of Oktoberfest. From what I can remember, attending one of the world’s largest festivals where thousands of people hoist liters of beer and yell “PROST” will go down as one of the best experiences of my life. Here are some of the moments I captured inside the Hacker-Festzelt and Armbrustschützen-Festhalle tents.

Oktoberfest is said to be one of the most quintessential travel experiences for any beer enthusiast. Not only does this 17-day festival attract hundreds of thousands of locals and foreigners, the demand for accommodation into any one of the 14 beer tents is a challenge. Although entry is free, to drink a Maß (Mass), one liter beer, you have to be physically setting down at a table. This can be a challenge depending on the size of your party. Luckily, it was not for my friend and I. We were able to join tables that were already occupied by others. The rest was history.

The biggest misconception people make about Oktoberfest is that it can be expensive. To an extent, it can vary depending on how many people you are going with, your spending habits, the research you put into booking hotel reservations, etc. I thought I was going to exceed $1,000 in Munich, but I didn’t. I was able to cut costs on where I stayed by choosing a campsite instead of a hotel. It payed off. Not only was I able to spend more money on beer, food, and more beer, I wasn’t bothered by whether I would not have enough funds.

Although I did not have time to buy a Lederhosen, not wearing the traditional Bavarian outfit did not deter from my experience. The Oktoberfest experience in my opinion comes down to the people you are with and the people you share a beer with. Being the social butterfly that I am, I had some amazing conversations with locals, international travelers, and employees. If you are someone like me who loves beer, I highly recommend you go to Oktoberfest. Even if you do not drink, it’s a festival with games, food, and rides. Below is the only picture I took. As you can imagine, I was inside drinking with the rest of the world.