Social Media Distorts Breaking News

Let’s face it, today the world has never been more angry, hateful, and afraid. With social inequality, political unrest, environmental degradation, and high standard of living disrupting the world, there remains an even greater issue at large. Active shootings.

In 2019, large scale mass shootings have become a new global norm. Orlando, Las Vegas, Paris, Oslo, Peshawar, and now Christchurch. These notorious mass shootings demonstrate how turbulent times are. How hatred and fear remain alive and well.

Today, no one is safe. Mass Shootings do not discriminate against any nation or border. A sentiment that has perpetuated people to act irrationally when a scare or real incident occurs. The catalyst behind this irrationality is social media, people can easily distort and handicap breaking news stories through their posts.

Through the likes of Twitter and Facebook, we can react and respond to just about anything in life. A powerful luxury nonetheless that has amplified our need to constantly commentate. That’s a major problem considering the sensitive nature behind situations like active shootings. Facts are crucial, but they’re sadly overshadowed by comments and even fake news.

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The Fyre Festival Documentaries Roasted Millennials

There are many dark lessons in the Hulu and Netflix documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival fiasco. From fraud to fame, these lessons criticize and condemn millennials.

After watching both documentaries, the criticism is on the money. As a millennial, I'm ashamed and sickened at what we've become. A generation full of dull values.

From the likes of social media coupled by the need for exclusivity, these intangible values are not just stigmas. They represent the formula used by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre, who unequivocally exploited what millennials want and love.

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