The Fyre Festival Documentaries Roasted Millennials

There are many dark lessons in the Hulu and Netflix documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival fiasco. From fraud to fame, these lessons criticize and condemn millennials.

After watching both documentaries, the criticism is on the money. As a millennial, I'm ashamed and sickened at what we've become. A generation full of dull values.

From the likes of social media coupled by the need for exclusivity, these intangible values are not just stigmas. They represent the formula used by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre, who unequivocally exploited what millennials want and love.

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Festivals have become this rite of passage for millennials. They are the best chance we have at seeing multiple artists perform from our favorites to up-and-coming ones. Festivals are simply worth the price of admission.

Although concerts provide an unparalleled level of intimacy, to be front row, the price for one artist at times ends up being greater than a multi-day festival pass. Despite living in LA and being close to one of the greatest music festivals in Coachella, festivals like Lollapalooza Chicago offer one hell of a bargain.

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Contact Winter Music Festival

After summer festival season ends, reality kicks in for festival goers as they wait for next years lineups to be announced. It is a long and dreadful process that usually is met with fewer festivals in the Fall.

When Attending Coachella 2016, I got back into enjoying EDM. Seeing performances by DJ Mustard, Zedd, and The Chainsmokers made me want to seek out the genre even more. The problem with Coachella is that you must be selective with your sets.

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