The Fyre Festival Documentaries Roasted Millennials

The Fyre Festival Documentaries Roasted Millennials

There are many dark lessons in both the Hulu and Netflix documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival fiasco. From fraud to fame, these lessons criticize and condemn the millennial generation.

After watching both documentaries, the criticism is on the money. As a millennial, I'm ashamed and sickened at what we've become. A generation full of questionable values.

From the likes of social media coupled by the need for exclusivity, these values we hold so high in life are our own worst enemy. Essentially, they were the lifeblood and vision Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre, had when creating Fyre Festival. Ultimately, it was McFarland who unequivocally exploited what millennials wanted and loved.

Millennials were blinded by an early promise, a promotional video that tapped into all their desires. Hit with this luxurious festival filled with famous supermodels, private jets, and yachts all on this beautiful remote island in the tropics, millennials were sold.

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