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Are Electric Scooters Viable Forms of Transportation?

Are Electric Scooters Viable Forms of Transportation?

Birds and Limes. These are new verbs that have redefined the definition of transportation. If you haven’t already seen these electric scooter monstrosities, then you’re from another planet.

These cheap and fun scooter services have not only invaded Los Angeles, they have spread across the world. Scooters are not a tech gimmick, they’ve made a comeback due to their easy and dependable service. But how far can these things really take you?

After riding both Bird and Lime for five months, short distance travel is where these services excel giving users 18 to 37 miles per charge. Not only are these scooters popular, they can surprise those who are car-less. Especially the ones who live in cities like Los Angeles where commuting is a pain and hardship.

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