Google Pixel 2 XL

Apple and Samsung have dominated the smartphone market for quite some time offering consumers premium flagship devices each year. To say Google is a dark horse competitor would be somewhat of an understatement.

With the launch of the Pixel 2 XL, Google has shaken the playing field by capitalizing on its pure software approach offering intrigue to both Apple and Samsung loyalists. The Pixel 2 XL is simply not just a great alternative, but a great rival.

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Denver - Craft Beer Mecca

Having a reputation for being a mountain-town city, Denver surprisingly offers more than just outdoor camping and skiing. The Rocky Mountain metropolis is a booming hipster nightlife magnet.

With a population of less than one million, Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Having traveled earlier this month, the downtown cityscape is filled with cranes as new high-rise buildings await.

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The Real NFL Experience

As a diehard Denver Broncos fan, I promised myself every year that I would attend a Denver home game. I finally went, not as a bucket list check mark, but as a needed experience.

For a long time, I believed that the best seat on Sunday was watching the game on a comfortable couch and big screen TV, but it’s not. The best seat is the one you pay for at the stadium. A seat that gives you the real NFL experience.

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Chicago gets a bad reputation for having the country’s highest crime rate to severe winter weather. If you take away those two caveats, Chicago is an awesome city. A Midwest melting pot full of culture and life.

The Windy City will hit you with its industrial yet modern architecture, incredible selections of food, to its esteemed sports fanbases. Chicago has everything that New York and California have, minus the ocean. That’s not to say Lake Michigan is no ocean, it is.

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Festivals have become this rite of passage for millennials. They are the best chance we have at seeing multiple artists perform from our favorites to up-and-coming ones. Festivals are simply worth the price of admission.

Although concerts provide an unparalleled level of intimacy, to be front row, the price for one artist at times ends up being greater than a multi-day festival pass. Despite living in LA and being close to one of the greatest music festivals in Coachella, festivals like Lollapalooza Chicago offer one hell of a bargain.

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Flashback to Rome

Planning on a summer vacation? Book a flight to Rome, a nostalgic powerhouse that is a journey within a journey into the past. A city that will leave you reminiscing for years to come.

The city’s affects still linger since my visit back in 2013. Rome simply is an unforgettable experience one must take as the city’s landscape, monuments, and cuisine will leave you both in awe and nirvana.

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Contact Winter Music Festival

After summer festival season ends, reality kicks in for festival goers as they wait for next years lineups to be announced. It is a long and dreadful process that usually is met with fewer festivals in the Fall.

When Attending Coachella 2016, I got back into enjoying EDM. Seeing performances by DJ Mustard, Zedd, and The Chainsmokers made me want to seek out the genre even more. The problem with Coachella is that you must be selective with your sets.

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Aaron Rodgers Too Clutch For Dallas

With 12 seconds left remaining on the game clock in Arlington, Texas, #12 for the Green Bay Packers displayed yet again why he’s considered to be one of the greatest the game has ever known.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers did not deliver another game winning Hail Mary touchdown witnessed last season ago. Instead, he delivered a dime. A 36-yard pass spinning from his left to send the Packers to the NFC Championship game.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

The 2017 year has officially started, yet I continue reminiscing over my recent trip to Vancouver. Although it was my first trip to Canada, Vancouver was nothing like I had anticipated. It did not feel foreign.

Vancouver is a city that will give most Americans deja-vu because it is not that different from the states. It did not feel like I was ever in Canada and that is what often brings and pulls many visitors looking for a Canadian experience.

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