How To Travel More

For me, traveling is one of my biggest passions. If you share the same charism that I have, then it is possible. Regardless of your financial situation or occupation.

You just need to plan and want it. This may be easier said than done for most. I just turned 23, graduated college, and have transitioned into starting my career. Yet, come September I will be visiting five countries in Europe.

How am I able to do this? It starts with the mentality you set. If you say to yourself that you do not have the time, money, or simply have other responsibilities. These dreams of travelling will constantly be postponed.

My philosophy on traveling is that my lifestyle must match how and where I want to travel. If you take this with a grain of salt you will be able to maximize traveling more. Here are my 4 takeaways in doing so.

  1. Prioritize your finances, social, and work life - In doing so you create a plan. This will be the hardest thing to overcome because it takes disciple. First, you need to make money to save money. Next, list what are necessities and luxuries. This will help you consolidate expenditures, bills, and debt. Lastly, embrace not going out. Look at it as a return on investment when you do so in a different city or country.

  2. Start small with weekend trips. If money and work life are still a problem, view Friday and the weekend as an opportunity to explore your surrounding environments and go from there. Depending on what coast you live on, take the North by South approach. Travelling is not all about getting different stamps in your passport or going long distances.

  3. Utilize Travel Hacks. Travel hacks are shortcuts for traveling smarter. These range from credit reward cards to booking sites like Skyscanner and Kayak. If you treat credit cards as if they were a debit card, in return you can accumulate free hotel nights, airline miles, and statement credit. Using these booking sites above can also aggregate flexed-fares bringing you the cheapest results. Just book on Tuesday, it really makes a difference.

  4. Utilize vacation time around or away from holiday seasons. Face it, holidays are the worst time to travel. Maybe they are your only option, so double down on the time you take. Incorporate those holidays with time off. Just brace yourself for surged pricing on airfare and hotels. If you are flexible with vacation, travel during non-holiday seasons. Anything from March to May and September to October will get you a bargain for traveling abroad.

In the end it really comes down to how bad do you want to travel. I understand that we are all limited to what is and is not practical. Just have the drive to plan, save, and research. You will notice how far it gets you.

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