Denver - Craft Beer Mecca

Having a reputation for being a mountain-town city, Denver surprisingly offers more than just outdoor camping and skiing. The Rocky Mountain metropolis is a booming hipster nightlife magnet.

With a population of less than one million, Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Having traveled earlier this month, the downtown cityscape is filled with cranes as new high-rise buildings await.

After speaking with some locals, Denver has “re-urbanized” the city with neighborhoods like River North (RiNo) and Lower Downtown (LoDo) that feature trendy new restaurants, cocktail lounges, to an abundance of micro-brewpubs.

As one local described, “The city is not all about weed. We have a growing culinary scene that matches our great breweries.” The locals are right, my Airbnb was in the middle of RiNo surrounded by five breweries.

The closest one being Blue Moon Brewing Company. Yes, the popular and tasteful Blue Moon Belgian White Ale is a Colorado native that has its own brewery for you to taste its 24 different taps.

The beer is beyond amazing. Coupled with live festivities and a great food menu, RiNo Blue Moon Brewery is a destination one must visit when in Denver. Even if you are not a fan of the popular White Ale, they have everything from pilsners, stouts, lagers, to even some impressive IPAs.

Other breweries that are recommended to visit are: Oasis Brewing Co., one of Colorado’s original craft breweries, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, all-German Larger drafts, and Odell Brewing Company, a new taproom from a 29-year-old local brewery.

Beer is a hot commodity in the City of Denver, hotter than legal marijuana. The state itself ranks second for highest concentration of craft breweries in America. Denver even has an annual beer festival called the Great American Beer Festival every October displaying the largest collection of assembled U.S. beers.

The beer culture that Denver has made for itself will complement the projected rise in population and future developments. More tech companies are relocating to Denver than ever before generating more housing and more retail.

For a city known for its mountain range, ski resorts, Red Rock Concerts, to Broncos Football. Denver makes for a great domestic weekend getaway. In it you will experience an underrated nightlife that is slowly being recognized nationally.

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