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Thursday March 5th 2015

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How Much to Tip for A Massage

I have a simple rule of thumb I use in any situation that requires a tip and it is a great fit for tipping a massuse as well. My formula is a little bit higher than a normal tip but I strongly [...]

Tipping For Your Massage

In many service industries tipping is an accepted and appreciated type of “thank you.” In a restaurant or bar we can tip the waiter and even at the barber we will tip the stylist that cut our [...]

The Swedish Massage: Hiding in Plain Sight

In the world of relaxation and massages there are tons of terms for a massage thrown around like Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reiki, or Swedish. Today we will take a look at the Swedish massage [...]

Aromatherapy Basics

Aromatherapy is another relaxation technique that is a modification of the typical massage. By introducing Essential Oils into the massage a higher level of relaxation can be achieved. The [...]

Reiki Healing: Keys to A Healthier You

The Reiki healing discipline is designed to expel negative energy and put the positive energy back into balance in the mind and body of its recipient. This balance can be achieved through a [...]

The Reiki Method: The Introduction

Reiki is a type of spiritual healing that targets stress reduction and relaxation. This type of healing is about the understanding of a life force that lives in all of us, the word Reiki itself means [...]

Massages as a Sedative

I have found massages to be sedative as well as relaxing. This of course will require that you are at home or a safe place you can “crash” for a while. The rubbing and kneading with firm pressure [...]

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